Gaco Elastomeric Silicone Roof Coating 2 Gallon White

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Gaco Elastomeric

Silicone Roof Coating

This high quality, single component, elastomeric coating provides a long lasting waterproof membrane on a flat or a sloped roof. The coating is made from silicone, allowing for superior protection against permanent ponding water, UV rays and temperature extremes. Due to the unique chemistry of GacoElastomeric, it can be rained on after 2 hours and won’t wash off the roof. GacoElastomeric adheres directly to the substrate and does not require a primer. Use it to protect large and small buildings, homes, garages, patio covers, sheds, barns, mobile homes, RVs and more.

  • GSE1500 White
  • Provides waterproof protection
  • Stands up to permanent ponding water without bubbling, peeling, or breaking down
  • Stays flexible and maintains adhesion
  • Unlike other coatings that require recoating every 3 to 5 years, GacoRoof only needs one coating
  • Coverage: Two coats are recommended for sufficient waterproofing coverage on most substrates. Apply at a rate of 100 sq. ft. per gallon in each coat on a smooth surface; coverage rate may decrease on heavily textured or weathered substrates
  • Applying Temperature: Do not apply in temperatures below freezing, above 120°F (49°C) or if rain is expected within 2 hours.
  • Thinning: Product should not be thinned.
  • Dry time: Allow the first coat to dry for 3 to 12 hours. Apply second coat as soon as the first coat can be safely walked on.
  • Storage Stability: Two years from date of manufacture when stored in unopened containers between 40°- 85°F(4°-29°C).
  • Clean up: Application tools and equipment can be cleaned with 100% Pure Mineral Spirits. DO NOT USE WATER OR RECLAIMED SOLVENTS


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