Gaco Seam Tape (self adhesive) 2” x 50’

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Gaco Roof Tape

Description: RoofTape is a fleece-backer self-adhesive tape consisting of lightly cross-linked polymers of butyls and EPDM rubber. RoofTape is highly resistant to temperature extremes and harsh UV rays. Its unique properties allow it to conform to just any roof surface, providing a durable watertight seal.

Usage: RoofTape will add strength and flexibility to seams,joints and edge transitions. RoofTape is intended for sealing seams, fastener, edge transitions, small cracks, vents and drains before application of any 100% silicone roof coating.

Limitations: RoofTape must not be left exposed; coat with a silicone coating as soon as it has been applied.

Color: Fleece backing is white, adhesive is light tan.

Coverage: 2" wide, 50 feet per roll.

Thickness: 30 mils

Storage stability: Eighteen month from date of manufacture.

Application: Surface must be COMPLETELY CLEAN AND DRY before applying Gaco RoofTape. Cut tape to desire lanthanide peel off release liner. Center tape over seam and firmly press into place, remove all buckles and bubbles. If applying over fasteners, press tape overall sides to conform tape to the shape of the fasteners. If more than one pice is going to be used, overlap any adjoining pieces of tape by a minimum of 1/2".

Temporarily out of stock
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    Roof tape

    Posted by John on Apr 21st 2020

    Once you put this tape down, it's down and seals great! It handled all the seams on my roof prior to putting the sealer on. Only con I have about the product is I wish the actual sealer covered all the paper. Since I was sealing curved surfaces, the paper portion of the tape would lift up after putting it down in some areas and would not paint down with the finished roof sealer. Don't get me wrong, the tape is definitely doing its job, but some of the paper edges would not lay flat with the finished sealer. I know the tape is working because after a couple hours of applying it, you could not get it off if you tried to remove it. Good stuff. I am very confident in this product and the other two products, the Liquid tape and the actual Gaco roof sealer, after reading their instructions and applying it. I'm 65 years old and plan to contact the company in 50 years to let them know how good their guarantee held up!

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    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 11th 2019

    Sticks well, use it on all my seams and cracks that I have on my flat roof.