Gaco Flash Foam 3LB. low pressure spray foam

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GacoFlashFoam 3LB Low pressure spray foam

GacoFlashFoam 3lb. Low Pressure Spray Foam is a high density, closed-cell polyurethane foam packaged in disposable kits consisting of two chemical components (Component A: isocyanate and Component B: polyol blend), dispensing gun, ten multi-purpose mixing nozzles, nitrile gloves, and packet of petroleum jelly. The light, portable and convenient kit does not require any external power source, and can be carried in one hand while spraying with the other.

GacoFlashFoam is ideal for use as spray-applied flashings at curbs, parapets, walls and penetrations prior to application of GacoFlex Coatings. It is an economical and efficient alternative to labor intensive seam tapes, and bonds to any shape or substrate to eliminate common sources of leaks. GacoFlashFoam may also be used to repair existing spray foam roofing systems.

  • GacoFlashFoam will not adhere to silicone coatings.
  • For Technical Assistance: Please contact Gaco Western at 800-456-4226.

    Surface Prep: The substrate must be clean and dry prior to GacoFlashFoam application; cover or mask off any areas subject to over-spray.

    Primer: PVC pipes and metal should be primed with GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer/Filler according to label directions. For rusted metal, remove any loose or scaling rust, and apply two coats GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer/Filler.

    Application: To make repairs to existing foam roofs:

    Remove any wet, damaged, delaminated or blistered foam. Foam that is “burned” (brown in color) from UV exposure should be removed by sanding or grinding. Cut the edges of the repair area at 45 degrees, outward, to provide a good tie-in. Sand or grind off any existing coating 6" beyond the cut.*

    Ensure surface is clean and dry. Apply GacoFlashFoam to desired thickness and then grind or sand the foam to shape it as needed.

    For installing curbs, flashings or roof penetrations:
    Remove existing foam as needed. Follow the same instructions as for repairs.

    Top Coating Required:
    GacoFlashFoam must be top coated with a GacoFlex Coating such as GacoFlex Silicone Coating within a day to avoid UV damage from sun exposure. Allow foam to cure for approximately 2 to 4 hours prior to application of coating.

    IMPORTANT: Please refer to Operating Instructions included with the GacoFlashFoam Kit for more details.

    Storage: Shelf life is 13 months from date of manufacture when stored in temperatures between 40°F-120°F (5°C-48°C); once kit is opened, use within 30 days, and use a minimum of once per week to keep fresh chemicals in lines.

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