3M Clear Lens Tekk Protection Secure Fit Safety Eyewear, Impact-Resistant, Anti-Fog Lens

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M offers a full portfolio of safety eyewear to help keep DIYers and professionals protected. 3M SecureFit Safety Eyewear is a game changer in comfort and security of fit. 3M SecureFit Safety Eyewear features 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology - a scientific advancement that helps diffuse pressure over the ear, enhancing comfort while ensuring a secure fit. As soon as you put on these lightweight glasses, you'll feel the difference as they automatically self-adjust for a customizable fit each time. Featuring clear lenses, these are best suited for indoor applications and for outdoors when a tinted lense is not desired or glare is not a factor. With protection and comfort, 3M SecureFit Safety Eyewear is the clear choice for a stylish, confident fit..

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